Project evaluation and market intelligence

Support to domestic and foreign companies, investors and/or banks in the analysis of energy sector projects in Chile:

  • Projection of system operation, marginal costs, stabilized prices and electricity supply tariffs.
  • Evaluation of new investments in the generation segment.
  • Support in financing and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) processes as an independent market consultant.
  • Estimated generation spillage due to systemic or local transmission constraints.
  • Determination of power recognition and associated revenues.
  • Review of the complementary services market (SSCC), and estimate of potential revenues for plants.
  • Support in bidding, negotiation and modeling of supply contracts (PPAs) for generating companies or end customers.
  • Analysis and identification of potential contracting opportunities for generating companies or end clients.
  • Calculation of tolls for the use of transmission facilities.
  • Estimation of lateral charges in the electricity market.
  • Review and audit of monthly balances and reports issued by the National Electric Coordinator (CEN).
  • Power system operation planning and efficient generation expansion studies.
  • Determination of damages due to plant failure (ALOP), or due to delay in the start-up of new generating units (DSU).
  • Independent expert in arbitration proceedings.
  • Others.

Planning and electrical studies

Planning of electric transmission systems and their expansion:

  • Transmission and distribution system expansion planning.
  • Support and development of documentation for submission of new or expansion works to annual regulated transmission expansion processes.
  • Support and development of documentation for the presentation of new or expansion works under article 102 of the LGSE.
  • Impact assessment of regulated transmission expansion projects on affected dedicated transmission assets.
  • Evaluation and estimation of dispatch restrictions due to zonal/local transmission limitations.
  • Valuation of regulated and dedicated transmission assets.
  • Estimated payment of dedicated transmission tolls.
  • Standardization of design standards and specification of electrical installations.

Electrical studies for the design and connection of generation, transmission or production process projects:

  • Pre-feasibility assessment of connection of generation, transmission and demand projects.
  • Support and development of documentation for Open Access processes such as Request for Connection Approval (SAC) and Request for Use of Available Technical Capacity (SUCTD).
  • Development and review of electrical studies for connection to the electric transmission system required by the National Electric Coordinator.
  • Development and updating of electrical studies for connection to the electrical distribution system required by the Distribution Company.
  • Studies of electrical power systems in permanent and dynamic regime, electromagnetic transients, protection and reliability studies of electrical systems, among others.
  • Homologation of dynamic models of generating plant controls.
  • Review and uploading of technical information of facilities in web platforms of the National Electric Coordinator.

Regulatory and tariff studies

Analysis for the public and private sector on regulatory, technical and economic aspects of the electricity sector, application of current regulations and their reforms, as well as support for tariff setting processes.

  • Development of the regulatory framework for the electricity sector.
  • Preparation of reports and presentations on the regulatory framework and its challenges.
  • Valuation and remuneration of assets and companies of distribution, transmission and medium-sized systems.
  • Comparative studies of international experience in technical and commercial regulation of electricity systems.
  • Preparation of proposals for modification of sector regulations.
  • Projections of rates to customers subject to rate regulation.
  • Audits to billing and collection processes.