The Systep Team is pleased to present the Monthly Report of the Chilean Electricity Sector (in spanish)

This month’s editorial analyzes the legislative priorities currently being promoted by the Ministry of Energy. First, reference is made to the recent approval of the Storage and Electromobility Bill. Subsequently, and as a result of the Bill that seeks to promote renewable participation, the estimated participation percentage of NCRE generation for the next two years was studied in order to analyze the proposed increase in the generation quota. Finally, comments were made on other initiatives in the pre-legislative stage and several aspects related to the generation sector that are not included in the agenda, but a concrete definition by the authority on these topics would be relevant

Additionally, the Electricity Market Report’s statistics are available to download in Excel format from our statistics website. Through this, we seek to facilitate the community’s access to relevant information related to the electricity sector. For that, we monthly collect and organize the most relevant data of the National Electric System:

Analysis of the operation of each interconnected system.
Systep 12-months spot price forecast.
Summary by companies.
Auction prices.
Non-Conventional Renewable Energies.
Regulatory monitoring.
Projects in Environmental Impact Assessment.

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